Personal Skills for Professional Excellence

Achieve maximum productivity and effectiveness in your organization

About This Program

Today’s organizations place great emphasis on personal responsibility and initiative. Managing yourself effectively and working productively with others is critical to both your professional success and the success of your organization. In this course, you gain a comprehensive and proven set of professional skills that helps you stay focused, work effectively with colleagues, develop your networks and expertise, and build your reputation for delivering results.

Topics covered:

Realizing your strengths and fulfilling your potential
Evaluating your aptitudes, styles and potential growth areas
The core elements of professional excellence
Developing your professional power
Managing yourself effectively

Enhancing your thinking tool set
Understanding thinking processes
The core of interpersonal effectiveness

Achieving result In pressure situation
Working productively with colleagues
Making meetings work for you
Managing stress productively

Building your professional reputation
Amplifying your effectiveness by networking
Demonstrating political intelligence
Secrets of successful proposal writing
Compiling an effective business case
Presenting your proposal

Creating the results you want
Assembling a personal success strategy
Controlling your work environment

“The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.” Hasidic saying